Mitchell and Snyder, Narrative Prosthesis

The cover of Mitchell and Snyder's Narrative Prosthesis is brown with black and white text. Figures of people using mobility aids are in the background.
David T. Mitchell’s and Sharon L. Snyder’s book was published by the University of Michigan Press in 2001.

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Encountering the Text

Remember when we asked, in our questions about Alice Hall’s essay, whether we should have directly included some of the key foundational texts in literary disability studies? Well, we snuck one in at the last minute! This excerpt from Mitchell and Snyder outlines the properties of narrative prosthesis and is truly foundational in literary disability studies. So, we wanted to make sure we all had it handy. 

  • How, if at all, have you engaged with narrative prosthesis as a concept or tool in your own thinking through premodern disability? 
  • This piece is now more than 20 years old. How is it aging? What still feels urgent and timely? What, if anything, seems less crucial to how we might think and talk about literary disability today?